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Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. founded in May, 2020. As one of the China PCR Tubes Manufacturers and OEM 96-well PCR Tubes Factory, we offer wholesale PCR Tubes for sale at factory price. My products cover three categories: 1. molecular biology research consumables; 2. laboratory consumables; 3. customization of irregular products for IVD industry.
She was born as an OEM manufacturer for world-famous brands, determine to be a leading runner in high-end lab consumables both domestically and abroad. Our founder team members have a perfect and professional understanding of the application scene. At the very beginning, we hold the craftsmanship spirit resolutely, aim to make better products and constantly satisfied customers’ thirst for higher quality.


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The Difference Between The Drum Cover and The Flat Cover of The PCR Tube

In the early days of PCR, it was said that the drum cover design could better prevent evaporation.
However, when the thermal lid PCR machine appeared later, it is often suitable for flat-capped PCR tubes, and it is not convenient to use thermal lids for drum-capped PCR tubes.
This mainly depends on the PCR machine.
The current PCR instrument has a hot cover, but it is divided into two types: flat and drum, corresponding to two types of PCR tubes. Our laboratory has both. If you use a drum-covered tube in a flat-capped PCR instrument, it will be crushed; it is okay to use a flat-capped tube in a drum-covered PCR instrument. It is recommended to use it together. ,
Personally, I usually use xgen’s flat-capped tubes for PCR. On the one hand, the tubes have thin walls, good heat permeability, and good sealing;

What is The Material of The PCR Tube (Convex Cap)?

Core Silicon Valley)'s disposable PCR tube is made of polypropylene (PP) material, integrated design, the whole set of products cooperates smoothly; strong transparency, good softness, strong corrosion resistance, anti-static products, good air tightness.

Why Can't Ordinary PCR Tubes Be Used For Fluorescent Variables?

Ordinary PCR reaction tubes for 10uL system of fluorescence quantitative experiments, the effect is very poor, and the sensitivity is obviously reduced, and the detection results are unstable. Curveless amplification can also occur when the template is degraded or insufficient.
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