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Youlai pipette tips work in perfect harmony with your Eppendorf pipettes! The ergonomically designed cone geometry allows for complete sealing as well as minimal attachment and ejection forces. 

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Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. founded in May, 2020. As one of the China Eppendorf Pipette Tips Manufacturers and OEM Eppendorf Compatible Tips Factory, we offer wholesale Eppendorf Compatible Tips for sale at factory price. My products cover three categories: 1. molecular biology research consumables; 2. laboratory consumables; 3. customization of irregular products for IVD industry.
She was born as an OEM manufacturer for world-famous brands, determine to be a leading runner in high-end lab consumables both domestically and abroad. Our founder team members have a perfect and professional understanding of the application scene. At the very beginning, we hold the craftsmanship spirit resolutely, aim to make better products and constantly satisfied customers’ thirst for higher quality.


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How do Eppendorf Compatible Tips ensure accurate and precise liquid handling?

Ergonomic Design: Eppendorf Compatible Tips are designed to fit snugly onto Eppendorf pipettes, creating a secure seal that prevents leaks or air bubbles during aspiration and dispensing. This design also minimizes the risk of tip ejection or displacement during pipetting, maintaining accuracy and precision.
Low Retention Surfaces: Many Eppendorf Compatible Tips feature low-retention surfaces or hydrophobic coatings, which reduce liquid retention on the inner surfaces of the tip. This ensures maximum sample recovery and minimizes waste, particularly with viscous or low-volume samples.
Universal Compatibility: While designed specifically for Eppendorf pipettes, Eppendorf Compatible Tips are often engineered to be compatible with a wide range of pipette brands, ensuring versatility and ease of use in various laboratory settings.
Graduated Volume Markings: Many Eppendorf Compatible Tips feature clear and easy-to-read volume markings, allowing users to visually confirm the volume of liquid being aspirated or dispensed. Accurate volume measurement is essential for precise pipetting, especially when working with small volumes.
Non-Stick Surfaces: Some Eppendorf Compatible Tips are designed with non-stick or low-adhesion surfaces, which prevent liquid from adhering to the inner walls of the tip. This feature reduces the risk of sample carryover and ensures accurate dispensing of small or viscous samples.
Compatibility with Various Sample Types: Eppendorf Compatible Tips are engineered to handle a wide range of sample types, including aqueous solutions, solvents, acids, bases, and biological samples. Their compatibility with diverse sample matrices ensures consistent performance across different experimental protocols and applications.
Robustness and Durability: Eppendorf Compatible Tips are designed to withstand the rigors of laboratory use, including repeated pipetting cycles, harsh chemicals, and autoclaving. Their durability ensures that they maintain their shape and performance over extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent tip changes and reducing experimental variability.
Reduced Contamination Risks: Eppendorf Compatible Tips are manufactured in controlled environments to minimize the risk of contamination. Additionally, some tips feature filters or barriers that prevent aerosols and contaminants from entering the pipette shaft, further reducing the risk of sample contamination and ensuring the integrity of experimental results.
Compatibility with Automation: Many Eppendorf Compatible Tips are compatible with automated liquid handling systems, allowing for high-throughput pipetting and streamlined workflows in laboratory automation setups. This compatibility enables efficient and reproducible liquid handling for large-scale experiments and screening assays.
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