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Integra Grip Tip pipette tips and fittings work as a system creating a secure connection. GripTips attach with a minimum force and can also be easily ejected.
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Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. founded in May, 2020. As one of the China Integra Compatible Tips Manufacturers and OEM Integra Compatible Tips Factory, we offer wholesale Integra Compatible Tips for sale at factory price. My products cover three categories: 1. molecular biology research consumables; 2. laboratory consumables; 3. customization of irregular products for IVD industry.
She was born as an OEM manufacturer for world-famous brands, determine to be a leading runner in high-end lab consumables both domestically and abroad. Our founder team members have a perfect and professional understanding of the application scene. At the very beginning, we hold the craftsmanship spirit resolutely, aim to make better products and constantly satisfied customers’ thirst for higher quality.


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Are there any specific advantages or benefits of using Integra Compatible Tips in laboratory or research settings?

Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design of Integra Compatible Tips ensures comfortable handling during prolonged pipetting sessions. This helps reduce user fatigue and increases overall efficiency in the laboratory.
Wide Range of Sizes and Volumes: Integra Compatible Tips are available in various sizes and volumes to accommodate different sample types and volumes. This flexibility allows researchers to perform a wide range of experiments without the need for multiple types of tips.
Cost-Effectiveness: Despite their high-quality construction, Integra Compatible Tips often offer competitive pricing compared to other premium brands. Additionally, bulk purchase discounts and special offers may further enhance their cost-effectiveness for research laboratories.
Environmentally Friendly: Some variants of Integra Compatible Tips are designed to be environmentally friendly, featuring reduced plastic waste through innovative design or recyclable materials. This aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability in laboratory practices.
Overall, the advantages of using Integra Compatible Tips in laboratory or research settings include precision, consistency, compatibility, contamination control, user comfort, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility, making them a preferred choice for many scientists and researchers.
Low Retention: Integra Compatible Tips often feature low-retention properties, which help minimize sample waste by reducing liquid adhesion to the inner surface of the tip. This is particularly beneficial when handling expensive or precious samples, as it ensures maximum recovery and accuracy.
Sterility Assurance: Many variants of Integra Compatible Tips are available in sterile packaging, providing assurance of sterility and eliminating the need for autoclaving or other sterilization methods. This saves time and effort in the laboratory, especially in applications where sterility is critical.
Longevity: Integra Compatible Tips are engineered for durability, with robust construction that ensures long-term performance even under demanding laboratory conditions. This longevity helps reduce the frequency of tip replacements, saving both time and resources.
Wide Temperature Compatibility: Integra Compatible Tips are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, including extremes encountered during various laboratory procedures such as PCR, thermal cycling, or cryopreservation. This ensures consistent performance across different experimental conditions.
Quality Assurance: Integra Compatible Tips undergo stringent quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. This commitment to quality assurance instills confidence in users regarding the reliability and accuracy of their experimental results.
Customization Options: Some variants of Integra Compatible Tips offer customization options such as color coding or special markings for easy identification and organization in the laboratory. This enhances workflow efficiency and reduces the risk of errors during pipetting tasks.
Technical Support: Integra Compatible Tips are backed by comprehensive technical support from the manufacturer, including troubleshooting assistance, application guidance, and product training. This support network ensures that users can maximize the benefits of their tips and overcome any challenges they encounter.
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