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All pipette tips from Youlai are certified to be free from DNase/RNase, DNA (human and mouse), PCR inhibition, pyrogen, endotoxins, and trace-metals, and are made only from 100% premium-grade virgin polypropylene.

Company Profile

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. founded in May, 2020. As one of the China Beckman Platform Pipette Tips Manufacturers and OEM Beckman Compatible Tips Factory, we offer wholesale Beckman Compatible Tips for sale at factory price. My products cover three categories: 1. molecular biology research consumables; 2. laboratory consumables; 3. customization of irregular products for IVD industry.
She was born as an OEM manufacturer for world-famous brands, determine to be a leading runner in high-end lab consumables both domestically and abroad. Our founder team members have a perfect and professional understanding of the application scene. At the very beginning, we hold the craftsmanship spirit resolutely, aim to make better products and constantly satisfied customers’ thirst for higher quality.


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How do Beckman Compatible Tips contribute to laboratory efficiency and accuracy?

Reduced Contamination: The tight fit of Beckman Compatible Tips minimizes the risk of sample contamination. Contamination can skew experimental results or compromise sample integrity, so using tips that securely fit the pipette helps maintain the purity of samples and reduces the need for retesting.
Consistency: Beckman Compatible Tips are manufactured with strict quality control measures to ensure consistency in performance. This consistency allows researchers to achieve reliable results across experiments and minimizes variability between sample preparations.
Ease of Use: The design of Beckman Compatible Tips often includes features such as color-coded racks or filters for specific applications, making them easy to identify and select. This ease of use streamlines laboratory processes, saving time and reducing the likelihood of mistakes during pipetting.
Optimized Liquid Handling: Beckman Compatible Tips are engineered to deliver optimal liquid handling performance, including smooth aspiration and dispensing. This ensures consistent and reproducible results across experiments, minimizing variability and improving data quality.
Versatility: Beckman Compatible Tips are available in a wide range of volumes, from microliters to milliliters, catering to diverse experimental needs. This versatility allows researchers to accurately handle various sample types and volumes, from precious samples requiring minimal transfer to bulk solutions.
Quality Assurance: Beckman Compatible Tips undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure they meet high standards for performance and reliability. This quality assurance instills confidence in researchers, knowing that they can depend on the consistency and accuracy of the tips for their experiments.
Reduced Pipette Maintenance: The precise fit of Beckman Compatible Tips minimizes wear and tear on pipettes, reducing the frequency of maintenance and calibration. This not only saves time and resources but also extends the lifespan of the pipettes, ensuring continued accuracy and performance over time.

What volume ranges are typically available for Beckman Compatible Tips?

Microvolume tips: These tips typically range from 0.1 μL to 1000 μL, catering to applications requiring precise handling of small volumes, such as PCR, qPCR, and molecular biology assays.
Standard volume tips: These tips cover a broader range of volumes, typically starting from 1 μL and extending up to 1250 μL or higher. They are suitable for general liquid handling tasks, including sample transfer, dilutions, and aliquoting.
Large volume tips: Some Beckman Compatible Tips are designed to handle larger volumes, ranging from 1000 μL to 10 mL or more. These tips are commonly used for pipetting solutions, buffers, media, and other bulk liquids.
Specialty tips: In addition to standard volume ranges, Beckman Compatible Tips may also include specialty tips with unique features or applications. For example, extended length tips for reaching into deep containers, gel-loading tips for electrophoresis applications, or filtered tips for preventing contamination.
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