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PCR 8-strip tube

PCR 8-strip tube

Product Specification:
PCR 8-strip

Company Profile

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Youlai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. founded in May, 2020, production base located in the industrial cluster of Yuhang Future Science and Technology City, has a 12000㎡workshop, in which 7000㎡ are bioclean room. Marketing office is in Global Center of West Lake Cultural Square.

She was born as a famous China PCR 8-strip tube supplier and OEM/ODM PCR 8-strip tube company, determine to be a leading runner in high end lab consumables both domestic and abroad. Our founder team members have perfect and professional understanding of the application scene. At the very beginning, we hold the craftsmanship spirit resolutely, aim to make better products, constantly satisfying customer’s thirsty for higher quality. And we can custom PCR 8-strip tube for sale online at factory price.

My products cover three categories: 1. molecular biology research consumables; 2. laboratory consumables; 3. customization of irregular products for IVD industry.

All my products are made under non enzyme non pyrogen circumstance, strictly choosing natural medical grade raw materials, and use special-purpose injection machine, to secure profound quality and avoid dissolved matter affecting the experiment results. We have molecular and bacteria cultivation lab leading by senior professionals, which make an extra guarding to quality control, thoroughly assure customers’ clinic testing and science research objectively. Youlai products must make customers feel satisfying, safety and rest assuring.

Warmly welcome all sectors of society develop new items with us, and share a common value.

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