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Streamline Your Workflow With Beckman Compatible Tips

Streamline your workflow with reliable automation pipette tips compatible with multiple workstations. Ensure sample integrity with tips certified free of DNase/RNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitors and Pyrogens.
Nonsterile pipette tips for automated liquid handlers are available in multiple volume capacities and provide accurate, precise performance. They feature a direct-fit seal that eliminates O-rings for superior accuracy and reduced maintenance, and they are validated on the instrument to guarantee performance.
These robotically certified tips offer direct-fit sealing technology that increases dispense accuracy and reduces tip-to-labware contact for improved sample transfer. They feature a robust elastomer mat that securely holds the tip head's flange against the liquid handler to create a tight, secure fit for consistent delivery of every drop.
The added filter helps to reduce the possibility of sample cross-contamination from aerosols. Manufactured from 100% premium-grade polypropylene, these tips are guaranteed to be straight and leak-proof and to meet the AP96 standard for freedom from DNase/RNase, DNA (human and mouse), PCR inhibition, pyrogen/endotoxin and trace metals.
Beckman Compatible Tips influence the accuracy and precision of your results. Low quality tips can introduce errors and waste valuable lab time. They can also cause fatigue in the arms, hands and wrist due to high attachment and ejection forces.
These tips have a bevel delivery orifice that reduces pipetting error by eliminating sample hang-up. They have a filter that protects the pipettor tip from aerosols and liquid contamination, and are sterile and non-pyrogenic. These tips are also available in extended length to facilitate access to narrow deep wells.
Every tip undergoes stringent and thorough testing from the geometry of the tip itself to automation-specific requirements like clean ejection from the liquid handling head. This gives you the confidence to walk away from your automated workstation knowing that the resulting data is valid.
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