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What is PCR Sealing Film

PCR sealing film, also known as polymerase chain reaction sealing film or PCR film, is a specialized plastic film used in molecular biology laboratories to cover and seal PCR plates or microplates during the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process. PCR is a technique used to amplify DNA sequences, and it involves multiple temperature cycles that require precise temperature control and prevention of contamination.

PCR sealing films are designed to fulfill several important functions:

    Preventing Contamination: One of the primary purposes of PCR sealing film is to create a barrier that prevents contamination of the reaction mixture. The film helps keep out dust, aerosols, and other potential sources of contamination that could compromise the accuracy and reliability of the PCR results.

    Minimizing Evaporation: During the PCR process, the reaction mixture is subjected to temperature changes, including high temperatures. This can lead to evaporation of the reaction components, which can affect the concentration and consistency of the reaction. Sealing films help minimize evaporation by providing a tight seal over the PCR plate wells.

    Enhancing Temperature Uniformity: Sealing films can help improve the temperature uniformity within the wells of the PCR plate. This is especially important for achieving consistent and reliable amplification across all samples.

    Reducing Condensation: Temperature changes during PCR can cause condensation to form on the walls of the reaction wells. This can introduce variability in reaction volumes and affect the efficiency of the reaction. Sealing films help reduce condensation and maintain the integrity of the reaction mixture.

    Compatibility: PCR sealing films are designed to be compatible with various PCR plates or microplates, ensuring a secure fit and proper sealing.

PCR sealing films are typically made from clear or optically transparent materials that allow for visual inspection of the reaction wells without the need to remove the seal. They are often supplied in pre-cut sheets or rolls that can be easily applied to the PCR plate and securely sealed in place.
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