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Key Features Of Agilent Pipette Tips

Agilent liquid pipette tips are mainly used in medical institutions, third-party testing laboratories, scientific research institutions, and blood banks.

Main features:

High-quality raw materials, transparent imported polypropylene (PP) material;

No DNase, RNase, no pyrogen;

High transparency, super hydrophobicity, smooth surface, no hanging liquid;

Good temperature resistance, no deformation under high temperature and high pressure;

Pass strict air tightness inspection to ensure that the product does not leak;

High-quality filter element, good sealing, to prevent cross-infection;

Good verticality and air tightness, strong adaptability;

Ensure the accuracy and precision in the pipetting process and ensure the consistency of experimental results;

Independent identification, each package has an independent item number identification, which is easy to track and trace.

product features:

Compatible models: Agilent automatic ELISA workstation, automatic sampling system; MGI, Agilent, Agilent Bravo;

Product material: natural polypropylene;

Production environment: Class 100.000 dust-free workshop;

Product categories: transparent/transparent with filter guide, sterilized/non-sterilized, low adsorption/ordinary;

Quality assurance: the product is free of DNA, RNase and pyrogens;

Main markets: Mainland China, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, etc.;

System certification: ISO 13485. CE, etc.;

Application areas: genomics, proteomics, cytomics, immunoassays, metabolomics, general liquid handling.

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