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Introduction to Eppendorf Pipette Tips

For the classic Eppendorf "Totally Integrated Pipetting System" complete pipette system – Eppendorf pipette tips are adapted to Eppendorf pipettes and at the same time comply with EN ISO 8655 requirements. This seals the tip tightly to the pipette and reduces the force used to load and remove the tip. Eppendorf Pipette Tips are also suitable for pipettes of other brands.

High quality is the standard for Eppendorf products

Every precious sample deserves good treatment. See for yourself how Eppendorf pipette tips can save you time and costs.

Eppendorf pipette tips set new standards in terms of material, compatibility with pipettes, design and pressing force. According to the characteristics of different samples, it is necessary to select the corresponding product and purity. This involves a specific product purity or content, and the product is stable, reliable and well designed. Eppendorf pipette tips are designed to meet the specific needs of all sample handling.

Eppendorf Complete Pipetting System Pipette Tips - Suitable for all Eppendorf pipettes. This seals the tip to the pipette and reduces the force used to load and remove the tip. Secondly, the universal design of the pipette nozzle can be adapted to other brands of pipettes.

Eppendorf has its own production facilities in northern Germany, so we can always maintain quality standards when selecting and processing plastic raw materials.

Each Eppendorf tip is matched with the Eppendorf pipette of the corresponding volume,

How do you identify genuine Eppendorf pipette tips?

New original Eppendorf tips are characterized by a drop-shaped indentation around the edge of the tip release. In addition, EPPENDORF is engraved on the top edge of each tip.

Product Features

Tip shape adapted to Eppendorf pipettes

Pipette tips are universal and can be adapted to other brands of pipettes

Graduation for convenient and intuitive observation of pipetting volume

Slim tip reaches the bottom of narrow, deep containers without touching the rim of the container top

Tapered tip for easy manipulation of small amounts of liquid

Available in the following cleanliness grades: Eppendorf Quality, PCR clean, Eppendorf Biopur®

Color-coded replacement plates for easy identification of tip sizes for matching Eppendorf pipettes


pipette liquid

liquid dispensing

liquid mixing

Loading plates and reaction vessels

Gel electrophoresis loading

Remove supernatant after extraction

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