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How To Choose The Sealing Film For PCR Plate?

What is the difference between the pcr plate without skirt and skirt

The difference is obvious, that is, one with a skirt and one without a skirt, but the PCR plates applicable to PCRs of different companies are different, and both have requirements for whether or not to have a skirt.

Selection method of sealing film for PCR plate

1. Ordinary PCR sealing film:

2. Suitable for pcr reaction, the material is polypropylene membrane

3. rnase/dnase and nucleic acid free

4. Easy to seal the board, not easy to curl

5. Working temperature -40℃-

Operable at +120°C

6. Fluorescent quantitative PCR sealing film:

7. Transparent, low autofluorescence interference, suitable for fluorescent quantitative PCR experiments

8. Suitable for all kinds of pcr plates, not a puncture membrane

9. DNase/RNase and nucleic acid free, anti-DMSO

10. Easy to seal the board, not easy to curl

11. Working temperature -70℃--+100℃

12. PCR aluminum sealing film

13. Non-permeable soft aluminum film, the adhesive is a medical grade strong adhesive, suitable for long-term storage of samples

14. Compared with other aluminum sealing films, this film is not easy to curl when peeled off from the board

15. Excellent anti-evaporation performance, almost no evaporation of the sample, easy to pierce

16.dnase/rnase and nucleic acid free

17. Fits all kinds of pcr plates, including those with raised edges

18. Air-permeable sealing film for microporous plate

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