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Classification And Management Of Biological Laboratory Consumables

According to the use and supervision methods of disposable biological laboratory consumables, it can be roughly divided into seven types: conventional consumables, cell culture consumables, molecular biology experiment consumables, microbiology experiment consumables, filtration/purification experiment consumables, special equipment consumables and reagent consumables, etc. category.

Laboratory Consumables Management

1. Specify the procurement plan

The laboratory should formulate a procurement plan and carry out procurement according to the plan. The procurement plan should have comprehensive and sufficient information. Dangerous goods should be countersigned by the person in charge of laboratory safety.

2. Implement procurement

Establish and improve supplier files, keep at least 3 suppliers of the same type of supplies, investigate and evaluate the qualifications, reputation and varieties of suppliers, and make the procurement of supplies economical and more To ensure quality.

3. Acceptance of consumables

The specifications, grades, quantities, shelf life, and quality certification documents of consumables are checked and accepted. The user department is responsible for the acceptance of the quality of the consumables. For the acceptance of key consumables, corresponding documents should be formulated to guide the acceptance work.

4. Consumables collection

When the consumables are used, the management department and the user department shall hand over the consumables and make a record of the delivery. Toxic drugs strictly implement the principle of receiving on demand, measuring and recording, and returning the remaining.

5. Consumables library management

The consumables warehouse should have detailed warehousing records, inventory records, outbound records and withdrawal records to ensure that the accounts are consistent with the facts. According to the storage requirements of consumables, configure safety facilities, do a good job in environmental monitoring of consumables warehouses, and fill in monitoring records to ensure the environment. fulfil requirements. Strengthen the management of dangerous goods, double locks are implemented for highly toxic drugs, metered use, and surplus returns. Open flames and other non-consumable items are strictly prohibited from entering the warehouse.

6. Consumables usage management

When using consumables, care should be taken to protect the label identification of consumables to prevent contamination and damage to the labels. After taking the reagent, the mouth of the bottle should be closed effectively in time to prevent the reagent from polluting and failing or overflowing to pollute the environment or cause a safety accident.

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