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Can Pipette Tips Be Bent?

Pipette tips are consumable products for experimental pipettes. Tip series products include 10ul white tips, 10ul filter white tips, 200ul yellow tips, 200ul filter yellow tips, 1000ul blue tips, 1000ul filter blue tips Tips, 10ul boxed white tips, 200ul boxed yellow tips, 1000ul boxed blue tips, 10ul sterilized white tips, 200ul sterilized yellow tips, 1000ul sterilized blue tips.

Bent pipette tips are unusable.

For a single-channel pipette, insert the end of the pipette vertically into the tip, and then tighten it by gently pressing left and right; for a multi-channel pipette, connect the nozzles of the first channel and the last channel After the heads are aligned, install the suction head vertically downwards and shake it slightly from side to side.

The key point of this step is that the pipette cannot be bumped repeatedly to ensure the airtightness of the tip. Assembling the tip in this way for a long time will cause the tip to deform, and the parts of the pipette will become loose due to the impact, which will affect the accuracy of pipetting. sex.

Most pipette tips can be used universally, except for a few special tips with special pipettes, for example, there are two types of foreign Ruining pipettes that are special tips

Pipette tips are divided into: conventional tips, low adsorption tips, conductive tips, etc. according to their functions.

According to the way of use, it is divided into: automatic pipetting tips and manual pipetting tips.

Automatic tips mainly include: tips for Tecan automation equipment, beckman automation tips, rainin series tips, cliptip series tips, Hamilton series tips, PE Platinum Elmer series tips, etc.

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